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Yaanaa (2019) kannada Movie Review

Yaanaa (2019)

Yaanaa (2019) kannada Movie Review

Directed by: Vijayalakshmi Singh
Starring by: Jai Jagadish, Vaibhavi Jagdish, Vainidhi Jagdish
Genres: Drama
Language: kannada
Rating : 3 / 5 Duration:
Release Date: 19 Jul. 2019
Official Url:

Description: Yaanaa (2019) kannada Movie Review | Yaanaa (2019) movie Rating | Yaanaa (2019) Movie perfect Review not loading? try


Yaanaa is a coming-of-age story of three girls - Maya, Anjali and Nandhini - who meet each other under unusual circumstances and subsequently undertake a journey together to Goa which will change their lives forever. The film delves into the aspirations and values of today's youth, who would go to any length to achieve their dreams. As the saying goes, the greatest journey is the one within.

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